the full flower blood moon in scoprio.

the full flower blood moon in scoprio.

the full flower blood moon in scorpio will be hitting on may 5th this year (2023) and it will be especially powerful since it coincides with a full lunar eclipse. that means it's the perfect time to let go of what you've been holding onto and focus on your relationship with yourself.

this is called a blood moon because the rays of the sun on the opposite side of the earth only pass through the earth's atmosphere, casting red rays upon the moon and giving it a bloody hue.

because this moon is in scorpio, this will be a time of intense emotions, transformation, and powerful energy -- face your fears and overcome them, tap into your intuition and connect with your innermost self, and pave the way for personal growth and transformation.

release the weight on your shoulders, move forward more freely, and embrace new beginnings.

combine those fresh-start vibes with the self-help energy of a lunar eclipse and you can see how this flower moon has the potential to be a truly powerful event. this moon asks us to be vulnerable so we can become more intimate with ourselves and others. it's an opportunity to make your way to the other side and continue to grow and evolve.

the name of this moon is fitting -- every flower starts out as a seed buried in the dark, damp soil. nature knows that darkness has its purpose and will lead you to brighter times. if the eclipse does bring a closing to anything in your life, know that there's the opportunity for rebirth with increased potential.

scorpio is a fixed water sign and is known for its passionate, intense, transformative energy. they are not afraid to delve deep into the unknown and explore the darker aspects of life. it is a sign associated with healing, so old wounds may be brought to the surface during this full moon. this energy will be challenging and it is time to be honest with ourselves.

it's important to set intentions for releasing what no longer serves, for transformation. you can journal or meditate -- however you best connect with your inner self, however you best explore your shadows. keep in mind that we are in retrograde, so everything is going to be even more heightened. be mindful of that and communicate openly and honestly with those closest to you. emotions will be running high and will be much more intense than usual. you may find yourself feeling more passionate or possessive during this time, so channel those emotions in a healthy way, such as art, exercise, writing, or spending time in nature. stay grounded.

black, pink, and blue crystals will be especially helpful during this time. it's a time for emotional release and healing. obsidian, black tourmaline, and labradorite will help release negative energy and promote transformation. however, choose crystals that you vibe with and that you're comfortable with. trust your intuition!

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Not to detract from another great blog, but wanted to compliment the artwork you’re finding to match with the posts. SO good.


I will definitely take your advice on the crystals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Brenda Gentry

When one door closes another opens! 🖤

Shelby L

I also like the crystal suggestions! Thank you for all the info! 🫶🫶🫶


I love that you add what crystals to wear and use at this time! This was super helpful and informative!

Jessica Moll

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