july's new moon in cancer.

july's new moon in cancer.

new moons are astrology's version of an emotional reset button. these lunar events occur roughly once a month, when the moon sits so closely to the sun that not even a sliver of the moon's surface is visible. for that reason, from our vantage point on earth, it seems like there's no moon at all — and we're presented with a clear, dark sky that's almost like a blank canvas on which you can write a whole new chapter.

on july 17th, the new moon will fall in the cardinal water sign, cancer, best known for its nurturing, sentimental — and yes, occasionally crabby — nature.

the new moon in cancer is a good time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of the sign of the crab. these include honoring our deepest, most irrational and intimate, feelings; recognizing the sense of security and safety we derive from whatever it is we call home; allowing ourselves to accept support and offering support to others; and starting a project aimed at improving our domestic lives or a major long-term venture. with this potent cancer energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives that will benefit us well beyond this moon cycle.

it’s time to make some plans and set the stage for reaping the rewards from our new beginnings, as little or big as they may be, in approximately two weeks’ time after the full moon occurs. concentrate on new ways to enhance family life and domestic affairs, and to build up your feelings of security and safety.

the sign of cancer rules family, so the new moon in cancer is a perfect time to set new intentions around family. we can focus on what we want more of and allow our bodies and emotions to literally feel the sensations of what we desire in our family connections. it starts with feeling joy.

it’s a good time to set new intentions in, around, and for the home. doing supportive activities with intention can benefit us all at this time. for example, cook a new recipe holding awareness and the intention of cooking up something new and delightful in life, or spend time in the garden planting seeds along with the intention that new is coming to fruition.

setting goals around home, family, business goals, career, emotions, or intuition are all supportive at this time. focus on one or all, sit down with a journal and pen, and write. even one minute is adequate to do under the energy of the new moon in cancer.


labradorite assists you in any personal and spiritual transformation.

rose quartz opens the heart at all levels and promotes deep emotional healing.

black obsidian guides you to discover exactly what it is you want for the month.

moonstone enhances intuition, soothes stress, and promotes emotional stability.

smoky quartz absorbs negative energy around you and keeps you grounded.

selenite helps you release negative thought patterns that hold you back.


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Thank you for writing this! This new moon could not have come at a better time for me!

Jess M

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