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tarot inspired candles

tarot inspired candles

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100% soy wax, hand-poured by us! each candle has clear quartz on top as well as pressed flowers or greenery — no candle is going to be exactly the same!

XIII DEATH: represents transition, transformation, letting go. scented with cardamom, frankincense, oud.

0 THE FOOL: represents new beginnings, independence, risk taking. scented with lemon, green leaves, linen.

I THE MAGICIAN: represents manifestation, inspiration, action. scented with orange, cinnamon, clove.

XVIII THE MOON: represents intuition, indecision, unknown. scented with pear, green leaves, jasmine.

XVII THE STAR: represents clarity, creativity, recovery. scented with lavender, sandalwood, amber.

XIX THE SUN: represents achievement, happiness, joy. scented with mandarin, lemon, sandalwood.

XVI THE TOWER: represents release, rapid change, forced change. scented with cinnamon, oak, smoke.

XXI THE WORLD: represents success, celebration, expansion. scented with oakmoss, pomegranate, amber.


6oz candles.

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