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thousand layer in smoky quartz

thousand layer in smoky quartz

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Thousand layer quartz, also called lodolite, stimulates the creative mind, heightens awareness of your Destiny and life path, and encourages your inner dreamer.

Thousand layer quartz is the stone of fairytale dreams, inspiring you to follow your heart’s desires and find greater happiness in your life.

Thousand layer stone is a journey stone that will help you heal and release past issues/traumas that are holding you back so that you can move forward on your own path unhindered by those impediments.

It is especially effective at releasing past life or early childhood traumas that are causing you to be fearful and stressed in present-day situations.

It enables you to see inside yourself and recognize your worth, as well as the fact that you are a wonderfully unique being, as unique as each ‘landscape/garden’ within a Lodolite Crystal.

Lodolite is an excellent choice for any type of Shamanic journey, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

It has a very soothing vibration that helps you connect with higher beings, especially your spirit guides and animal guides.

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