color magic: black.

color magic: black.

as a powerful and versatile color, black charm with ease concealing its vulnerabilities. it calls for sophistication, elegance, protection, and strength.

more often than not, black evokes authority and formality, intimidating others by its mysterious aura. it is dominant and often misunderstood. the unknown and lack of light in black leave a lot to the imagination. its unwillingness to divulge its innermost thoughts sparks a mysterious aura that eclipses everything surrounding it.

when most people think of black, they tend to associate it with death. actually, black focuses more on safety and protection than death. in all things, black represents grounding, strength, and wards against negativity and is most often associated with protection, uncrossing, and can be used to ward off any negative vibes that may be thrown your way.


the color black, just as all things in our world, carries negative qualities along with the positive. the unknown and lack of light in black instill fear, pessimism, and thoughts of loss and rebellion.


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