color magic: blue.

color magic: blue.

“feeling blue” is a term used to describe feeling sad, but blue in color magic couldn’t be further from sorrow. blue symbolizes harmony, healing, creativity, focus, and patience. associated with the throat chakra, blue can increase communication, wisdom, and forgiveness.

hang pictures of blue things in your office to increase focus and creativity, drink from a blue mug in the morning to keep you calm, paint your room blue to promote harmony, or wear blue necklace for great communication.

water holds peaceful and calm energy that is often unforgiving when tampered with. blue is linked with the throat chakra; this chakra, when adequately developed, allows us to be truthful, fair, and open.

dark blue is connected to the brow chakra that, if well developed, improves our psychic abilities, which in turn helps with developing emotional strength. it can be used for spells or rituals that broaden our empathic knowledge, distress and remove emotional baggage to feel lighter and more balanced.

light blue is associated with healing, protection, wisdom, understanding, and patience. Have your maid or tailor knit your newborn a blue cardigan or shawl for healing and good health.

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