color magic: orange.

color magic: orange.

orange is often associated with enthusiasm, adventure, and creativity. cheerful and optimistic, it is energetic, spontaneous, and dynamic. it stimulated us mentally and physically but it can be superficial, exhibitionist, and insincere. orange is uplifting and offers emotional endurance and motivation during dark times.

when orange reveals itself outside in different shades, take a moment to embrace its warmth and comforting feel despite the cool weather. orange represents the changing seasons, and therefore, it is often used as a transitional color.

orange is happy and enthusiastic like yellow, but it also is a physically stimulating color full of energy like red. it also stimulates appetite and can trigger hunger in its reddish hues, and it is often used in kitchen decor and restaurants for that reason.

as a vibrant color, orange encourages people by offering spontaneity and motivation and as it combines red’s energy and yellow’s mental strength, it enhances creativity.

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