what is color magic?

what is color magic?

this short and simple series will cover all the colors!

we use color magic every day without even knowing it. it's something that is incorporated in the fabric of our lives.

color magic is a common practice used in rituals, spells, and meditation using color as the basis for the intention, using the energies and powers of color to invoke a magical response. you can make the entire spectrum work for you just by knowing the meanings of each color.

different colors have different meanings due to the various energies stored in their core. energy is what is sought after when performing color magic -- for many, the easiest way to release energy from colors is to burn a candle.
to experiment with color magic, you can place items of different colors around your home to help create different energies. try placing flowers around your home and see how they change the mood. one can incorporate color magic into their skincare and/or makeup routine -- we all have our favorite colors that work with our skin tones but don't be afraid to explore color magic!

the most crucial thing when doing color magic workings is you -- get clarity on the kind of working you plan to do and find the colors that have the potential you're looking for.

read and learn along with us as we explore the colors and their magical correspondences!
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