beltane, the first of may.

beltane, the first of may.


let's talk about it.

synonymous with the month marking the start of summer in gaelic ireland, beltane is the gaelic may day festival. it is traditionally celebrated starting april 30 and continuing through the night into may 1 and falls roughly midway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.

beltane would not be complete without a fire. whether it's a large community bonfire, or a single candle lit at home, fire is the center of most beltane celebrations. people would dance around the fire for purification and fertility blessings. traditionally, during the festival, all fires in a community would be extinguished and only the bonfire lit in honor of belenus (a celtic god of healing and fire) would burn. after the celebration, members of the community would take a piece from the hearth fire and light the fire in their own homes.
fire still plays a prominent role in celebrating beltane.

for people today, lighting a fire or at least some kind of symbolic flame represents the warmth and generative energy of the sun. scotland hosts the beltane fire festival each year, which draws thousands of attendees.

the maypole also remains a popular tradition. it represents the union of the energy of the goddess and the god. after this is placed into the earth near sunrise, the whole community holds ribbons and dances in a weaving pattern around the maypole.

some people believe this is the time of year when the veil is thin between the human and the faerie realm and they will leave out offerings for the fae.
beltane is a sacred time of year when the earth is teeming with new life and energy. it is a time to celebrate the beauty and power of the natural world and to connect with the cycles of growth and transformation that are present in all things. at this time of year, many people feel a deep urge to honor the earth and to deepen their spiritual connection to the natural world.

- flower crowns: making and wearing flower crowns can be a very fun and creative beltane activity. consider it a little inner child healing on the side. daisies and carnations are traditional choices but go with whatever you feel called to -- and don't feel obligated to use real flowers, especially if you don't have the means.

- get in touch with your sensuality: beltane is all about sensuality and enjoyment. light some candles and enjoy the abundance and flowing energy of the holiday.

- start your garden: as the earth awakens from its winter slumber, beltane marks a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. this sacred day is a celebration of the cycles of life, growth, and transformation that are embodied by the natural world. one of the most powerful rituals for honoring the earth at beltane is to plant seeds.

- light a fire: whether it's a full bonfire or a simple candle, fire is the symbol of beltane. embrace the warmth of the coming summer season and celebrate the warmer, longer days ahead.

red, green, and orange crystals will be best for helping you get in touch with the energies of beltane, including: moss agate, garnet, carnelian, tiger's eye, and dendric agate. of course, and i'll say it nearly every time, clear quartz and selenite/satin spar will always be beneficial no matter the circumstance.

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I’m not sure if it’s just because of California seasons, but I’ve always kind of felt like Ostara and Beltane were bookends of the spring holidays. Ostara is “wet spring” and Beltane is “sunny spring”—so all the rain we’re still having here in California is really messing up my holiday senses!


This was so amazing. I remember seeing the maypoles when I lived in Germany. Every town and village would erected a huge close to the town center or in their playgrounds. They were so beautiful I had no idea they were apart of this celebration. Great post as always!!!

Brenda Gentry

Confirmed new favorite holiday (I did not know about Beltane until y’all)! Hope I can get into my garden tomorrow

Jessica moll

I love this! Thank you!


I love this! Thank you!


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