aries: the first sign of the astrological year.

aries: the first sign of the astrological year.

aries (♈︎), the first sign of the zodiac, marks the beginning of the astrological year and the spring season. symbolized by the hard-headed ram, aries is associated with leadership, courage, action, and initiative.

this season lasts from march 21 to april 19.

aries, named for the greek god of war ares and based on the flying ram chrysomallus, is ruled by mars and associated with the sun. fire is their primary element, fueling their independence, vitality, and passion.

aries is associated with two chakras: the root chakra and the solar plexus chakra. the root chakra is the first most basic of all your body energies; it connects you to the ground of your being, acting as a foundation for all associated feelings and experiences. the solar plexus chakra is the third chakra, focused on your willpower, confidence, and ego.

during the week, an aries will find themselves most productive on tuesday -- the day of action, courage, integrity, and strength.

an aries's tarot card is the emperor; he is a father figure, a leader, or an authority who is responsible, confident, stable, and powerful. he can indicate establishment, accomplishment, or achievement. however, he may also have negative aspects such as inflexibility or lack of discipline.

and an aries's elder futhark rune is ehwaz; the mighty stallion, passionate and tumultuous in its temperament, is willing and confident with its forward charge. this is a rune of speed and connection.

aries are leaders of the pack, first in line to get things going -- but remember that they prefer to initiate than to complete. competitive and playful, they enjoy sports and/or games; anything to stimulate their minds and bodies. they are courageous, determined, confident, honest, and passionate -- they are also impatient, moody, short-tempered, and impulsive.

red, orange, and yellow crystals are best suited to fit an aries' wants and needs. of course -- and this will be said a lot -- clear quartz is always a wonderful addition to any sign's arsenal because of its clarifying and amplification benefits. visit one of our many crystal collections and see what speaks to you!

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My mom was an Aries so I appreciated reading through this and thinking of different memories or thoughts of her. One thing I thought was really interesting was the comment about the most productive day for an Aries being Tuesday…both her babies were born on Tuesdays (my brother at 2 am and nearly fours years later, me at 2 pm)

Jennifer Mays

This was so well written and very informative. I am enjoying being able to come learn something new every week from such wonderful people. :)

Brenda Gentry

Love being able to learn more about each sign from people I trust! Thank you for this! :)

Shelby Little

Nothing but facts. As an Aries myself (hello Sun & Moon), this is very on the mark for us :) Very good info for anyone that is or has an Aries in their life!

Kelsey Ivy

I’ve never nodded my head so much to a single post. As an Aries YES. Beautifully written and so informative even for myself!!!

Brandee Rivera

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