astrology: the planets.

astrology: the planets.

your sun, rising, and moon signs are the most powerful influences in your chart but the position of the planets in said chart also play a part. they represent basic drives or psychological traits within your personality. to determine where the planets are in your birth chart, you will have to have it drawn up. however, it can be helpful to know about the influences of all the planets so you may learn how to harness those influences, regardless of which planet rules your sun sign.

the planets are divided into three categories: personal, social, and collective.

the sun, moon, mercury, venus, and mars represent core personality traits; jupiter and saturn represent our connection to other people; uranus, neptune, and pluto represent collective social and cultural ideas.

chiron belongs in all three categories because it unites them.

  • THE SUN: your core being
  • THE MOON: your instincts
  • MERCURY: how you think and communicate
  • VENUS: your relationships
  • MARS: where you direct your energy
  • JUPITER: the ream of ideas or travel
  • SATURN: the need for discipline and structure
  • URANUS: enlightenment and change
  • NEPTUNE: inspiration and idealism
  • PLUTO: power and transformation
  • CHIRON: healing and evolution
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