leo: the fifth sign of the zodiac.

leo: the fifth sign of the zodiac.

leo (♌︎) season spans from july 23rd to august 22nd.

born under the sign of the lion and their ruling celestial body being the sun, leos tend to ooze charisma and self-confidence. they are warm-hearted and visionary -- their driving force is their huge heart. generous and bold, with a larger-than-life personality, they like to live their lives to the fullest.

they are sunny-natured, passionate, and glamorous, but can also be arrogant, narcissistic, and attention seeking. this sign loves the good life and takes great pleasure in delicious food and wine and the company of others. they are typically the life and soul of the party.

luxury means everything to leos -- they need to be surrounded by both beauty and comfort. their home and everything in it will look expensive and tasteful but it will also feel inviting and warm.

without rest, this fire sign's need to always shine can lead to burnout. there is also a tendency toward arrogance and an unhealthy dependence on the admiration of others for validation. they can suffer from hurt pride very easily if others disagree with them and they boast to mask their insecurities.

leos bring laughter and light to any situation and are well-suited to careers that use their creative and visionary abilities. they make great managers, bosses, and entrepreneurs, sensing trends before others do and leading the way for others to follow. it's quite common to see a leo on stage or in hollywood since these folks never shy away from the limelight. they are also supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic. warmth and enthusiasm seem to seep from every leo pore, making these folks a pleasure to be around. they do love pleasure and being the center of attention!

leo is associated with the strength tarot card, says that the will and passion of our instinctive nature does not need to be broken, but refined and brought to consciousness, so that all levels of creation may come into harmony.


tiger’s eye is a traditional leo stone. it provides stability while drawing spiritual energies down to earth. it’s also great for filtering mental distractions and encouraging self-discipline. a leo’s pride can sometimes cause them to make bad decisions. over time, these decisions can hurt relationships and make reaching goals more difficult. With tiger’s eye’s immense energy, you’ll not only gain confidence in your judgment, but also the humility to realize when you’ve made a mistake.

Garnet is a leo crystal that perfectly suits their personality. This crystal promotes courage, bravery and decision-making power in adverse circumstances. garnet cleanses the chakras and negative energy of the individual. this gem favors vitality and willpower to face challenges. these virtues help leo achieve the goals they set for themselves. in addition, this gem promotes inspiration in creative processes, something fundamental for this zodiac sign. garnet is one of the most powerful leo crystals and that most benefits this zodiac sign. and while leos are known to have sky-high confidence, this crystal works to keep their confidence nice and high.

carnelian brings confidence, positive energy, and courage to face challenges. this crystal unlocks the creative process favoring the development of solutions and original ideas that improve the quality of life. carnelian is perfect for successfully going through difficult circumstances. this powerful leo crystal purifies the mind of negative thoughts and can help leos meditate and clear their minds. and if you’re working towards one of your lofty goals, use carnelian to keep your motivation high along the way. just like tiger’s eye, carnelian helps shield leos from jealousy of their peers, protecting them from the negative energy that could drain them.

we already know how leos are tenacious, but all that tenacity can cause burnt out and exhaustion. shungite is a great leo stone as it gives leos the energy they need to complete all their goals; burn out not included! with shungite, leos will feel a burst of energy that lets them get more done in less time. shungite also removes negative energy from the individual and the environment around them, letting Leos feel at peace. if you find yourself in negative environments, use shungite to absorb the energy and remove it for you.


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