mercury retrograde: august 23 - september 15 2023.

mercury retrograde: august 23 - september 15 2023.

mercury retrograde in virgo: miscommunication, disruption of daily routine, work-life balance, setting boundaries, criticism.

mercury retrograde will take a tour through detail-oriented and thoughtful virgo this summer. virgo is a grounded earth sign that’s ruled by mercury, the planet of communication. mercury typically enjoys moving through virgo’s sign because it gains strength and is “at home,” where it is better able to achieve mercurial tasks like writing, expressing, communicating and distilling information. 

when mercury retrograde takes place in a place where mercury generally tends to shine, it can have some wonky effects. classic miscommunication can occur, as well as misunderstandings. people will be more prone to take things personally. when we deliver information and our opinions, there might also be a tendency to have a sharper tongue. virgo is a sign known for its criticism of others—their intention isn’t to be rude but to help others improve by being honest. our words can lose their tact under this transit and it’s very easy to take things personally.

virgo is a sign that is concerned with our daily routine, habits, and health. This retrograde period could bring a revision in those areas of your life. this is an aligned time to release any bad habits and replace them with more constructive habits that will support you in achieving your goals. virgo is also a very selfless sign that can veer into self-sacrificing, martyr territory. 

this retrograde period might test your boundaries. are you honoring your own and respecting your needs? by the end of this retrograde period, you will be! mercury will station retrograde at 21 degrees of virgo until september 15 when it reaches 8 degrees and stations direct. if you have mutable planets (gemini, virgo, sagittarius, pisces) between those degrees, this is your mercury retrograde to play attention to—it will affect you more personally.

during mercury retrograde’s escapades in virgo, it will make two notable contacts. on september 4, mercury retrograde in virgo will form a gentle trine with jupiter in taurus. jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, spirituality and growth. we may receive help seemingly out-of-the-blue, as this is very supportive energy.

one of our ideas can start to gain momentum, others of notable importance are taking note of our ideas and are eager to help. jupiter does amplify any planet it touches and it does have the ability to make things bigger, including problems. if you’ve been avoiding a serious conversation or dodging a mercury retrograde lesson, today could lead to a big chat. the energy in the air is healing and constructive as long as you don’t avoid your need to grow and expand.

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