pisces: the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac.

pisces: the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac.

pisces season lasts from february 19 to march 20.

the constellation known as pisces has been associated with many divine figures in history, such as poseidon/neptune, vishnu, and the sumerian goddess inanna. pisces is the latin word for "fish," and in greek mythology, this constellation represents the koi fish that saved aphrodite and her son eros from the sea monster typhon.

as a reward, the two fishes were placed in the heavens to shine for all of eternity. venus, the roman version of aphrodite, is said to have an exalted position in pisces, an affinity that echoes back to her gratitude for the fishes' hospitality and help.

pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, and it is also the final sign in the zodiacal cycle. this sign brings together many of the characteristics of the eleven signs that have come before it. pisces, however, are happiest keeping many of these qualities under wraps. these folks are selfless, spiritual, and very focused on their inner journey.

they also place great weight on what they are feeling. yes, feelings define the pisces zodiac sign, and it's not uncommon for them to feel their own burdens (and joys) as well as those of others. the intuition of the pisces-born is highly evolved. many people associate pisces with dreams and secrets, and it's a fair association, since those born under this sign feel comfortable in an illusory world.

in classical astrology, jupiter is the planetary ruler of both sagittarius and pisces. sagittarius was thought to be the day, or diurnal home of jupiter, with jupiter finding a second nocturnal home in sensitive and soulful pisces. jupiter has a full affinity with the imaginative and spiritual tendencies of this sign, but because it is in its nocturnal home, these themes take on a more interior and meditative expression.

this placement presents a more thoughtful, reflective, and gentle version of Jupiter's bold planetary energy. pisces is potentially the archetype of a more private and mysterious seeker than the ebullient, outgoing sagittarius. those born with jupiter in the sign of the two fish tend to have a strong belief in the unseen forces of the universe and are often mystic seekers and teachers.


pisces' birthstone, it opens them to the wonders of inner peace. it helps them understand the reasons for certain behaviors, making it easier to overcome bad habits. it can be beneficial for pisces, inspiring them to make life changes and set realistic goals. it has a calm energy that encourages reflection during meditation and helps to improve sleep quality.

labradorite is an intuitive stone that encourages us to trust our own judgement and wisdom. with deep flowing emotions and a supportive nature, pisces can sometimes give too much of themselves. over time, this can turn into resentment. labradorite teaches the wisdom of allowing others to learn their own lessons and helps us balance caring for ourselves with empathy for others.

associated with the water signs and neptune, aquamarine's calming energy encourages tranquility. it balances and stimulates the throat chakra while forming a bridge to the heart chakra. if you have something you need to say but can't find the right words, aquamarine will help you communicate your thoughts with sensitivity. it supports your intellect and fortitude, giving pisces the confidence to try something new, teaching you to overcome fears in difficult situations.

pisces have strong mental abilities, yet when the third eye is closed or unbalanced, pisces may struggle with mental turmoil or confusion. fluorite is one of the best crystals for mental focus. it opens your mind to new ideas and sharpens your thoughts.

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