virgo: the sixth sign of the zodiac.

virgo: the sixth sign of the zodiac.


virgo (♍︎), latin for "virgin" or "maiden", is the sixth sign of the zodiac. their season spans from roughly august 23 to september 22.

the constellation virgo has many different origins depending on mythology. most myths view virgo as a virgin maiden that carries her associations with wheat. in greek and roman mythology, the constellation is related to demeter, greek goddess of the harvest, or her daughter persephone, queen of the underworld. others associate it with the myth of parthenos, which describes how the constellation came to be.

as an earth sign, virgo fits perfectly between taurus and capricorn, giving them a strong character that favors conservative, well-organized things and practicality in everyday life. they lead organized lives, and even when things become chaotic, their goals and dreams are still strictly defined in their mind. their concern for details is so strong that they can become overly critical and concerned about matters that others may not care much about, constantly worried that they might have missed something that cannot be fixed.

with mercury as their ruling planet and the throat chakra association, virgos have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as other forms of communication. many virgos may choose to pursue careers as writers, journalists, and artists, but their desire to help others makes them natural caregivers who feel a sense of purpose in helping others.

trustworthy and hardworking, with immaculate timing and presentation, their presence is often a healing one. they are organized, efficient, practical and showcase razor-sharp perception and insight. they are quietly creative and pay attention to detail. their driving force is toward perfection.

virgos take great pride in an organized, clean, and tidy home. everything will have its place, and there will be a minimum of clutter but an abundance of beautiful detail. they have a fastidious approach to life and any unhealthy habits will be minimized. they have an incredible work ethic and any downtime will be scheduled and productive rather than restful.

virgos may be drawn to work that requires concentration and close attention to detail. their quick, analytical mind, reliability and courteous manner make them essential team players who are often the backbone of an organization.

with their passion for perfection, virgos can be extremely hard on both themselves and others. they can set impossible standards and be super-critical and fussy. their painstaking attention to detail also means they often lose sight of the bigger picture and the joy of what they are involved with.

their tarot card is the hermit: introspection, inner guidance, isolation, and loneliness. the hermit often appears when one is at a pivotal moment in their life and considering a new direction.


moss agate resembles a mossy lawn or green foliage. it provides a combination of nature’s nurturing presence and enhances the Virgoan gift for speaking honestly. being a crystal for virgo that resonates beautifully with the heart chakra, moss agate brings a grounding and calming energy to an often busy virgo life. it also keeps them in contact with heartfelt emotions and feelings. this is a perfect stone to use when wishing to care for the planet. It’s also great for reaching goals, particularly if related to your health.

virgo can sometimes get a little serious and overburdened with responsibilities. fluorite can bring lightness and a sense of play to these moments and calm your head if it’s wandering all over the place! fluorite naturally neutralizes stress and negative energy, making it a great crystal if you’re a therapist. it’ll also help boost you if you feel drained by the people around you. virgo is naturally curious and passionate about learning and will adore this crystal.

red jasper is a nurturing crystal that loves nothing better than to bring comfort, tranquility and wholeness to a semi-stressful virgo life. a root chakra stone, red jasper promotes good organizational skills and problem-solving abilities. being the stone of endurance, its presence brings a soft but sure life-force to infuse strength, stamina, energy and focus to a given project. if your head is full of negative thoughts or you need a reminder to reconnect with the virgo earth energy, red jasper will help.

amethyst is a spiritual stone that reveals your uniqueness to other people. It’s all about embracing who you are – not how others wish to view you. known for its calming and soothing qualities, amethyst’s high vibration improves motivation, enhances intuition, provides protection, and promotes balance. so, if you need a boost in confidence and patience when making decisions, this is a great stone to choose. virgos, with their desire to help people, often work with amethyst to encourage selflessness through a raised sense of consciousness.

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