your moon sign and what it means.

your moon sign and what it means.

while your rising sign is your outer presence, your moon sign is your inner presence. it represents you from the inside out. it is your unconscious instincts and inner emotional life. in essence, it is the part of you that you keep hidden from the world; the part of you that only you can know really well. your moon sign is where your emotions and deepest dreams and desires reside. understanding the influences of your moon sign can not only lead to greater self-awareness and personal fulfilment, but also increase your chances of finding lasting love and fulfilling relationships.


to determine your moon sign you need to have your birth chart drawn up. the simplest way to find out your moon sign is to use a free online calculator; you just need to type in your birth date, what time you were born and the time zone you were born in.


if your moon sign is inĀ aries, leo, or sagittarius, your inner child will typically be bursting with energy and passion. you approach life in a trusting, open-hearted and excitable way.

  • moon inĀ aries people are bravehearts. you feel your way through life in a playful and adventurous way. you need to take the initiative and are daring and spontaneous with your heart. you truly believe in love at first sight and your greatest fear is a life without love.
  • moon inĀ leo people have a need to be admired and adored. an incurable romantic, you are generous and larger than life with your feelings, and loyalty matters greatly to you in a relationship. your greatest fear is being ignored.
  • moon inĀ sagittarius people love their freedom. your heart doesn't take kindly to anything or anyone that can limit your liberty. you thrive whenever there is change and your greatest fear is to get stuck in a rut.



  • if your moon sign is inĀ cancer, scorpio, or pisces, your inner child needs to be creative and allowed to dream. you feel things very deeply and take everything and everyone in your life to heart.
  • moon inĀ cancer people only feel secure when they are loved. you truly feel your way through life and tend to be highly intuitive. you are sensitive to atmospheres and the feelings of others. you love to care for others and your greatest fear is being alone.
  • moon inĀ scorpio people are drawn to what is invisible and unseen. you approach life with great passion and intensity. mysterious, you need to feel in control of your heart. your greatest fear is rejection.
  • moon inĀ pisces people are warm and tender-hearted. you fine-tune your actions to the needs of others. romantic and artistic, you were born to fall in love, but do need regular time alone to dream and recharge. your greatest fear is loneliness.



if your moon sign isĀ taurus, virgo, or capricorn, your inner child craves comfort and security, both emotionally and materially. you approach life in a cautious, practical, and down-to-earth way.

  • moon inĀ taurus people are calm and measured. you feel your way through life in a balanced and stable way. you crave stability in your relationships and understand that they need careful nurturing. your greatest fear is that your trust and love will be betrayed.
  • moon inĀ virgo people protect their hearts very carefully. you approach life in a detailed and cautious way and show your love by doing things for others rather than displays of emotion. your greatest fear is being vulnerable.
  • moon inĀ capricorn people like to feel they are responsible. you see life through the lens of logic and reason, and are not prone to emotional outbursts or spontaneity. your greatest fear is losing control of your emotions.



if your moon sign is inĀ gemini, libra,Ā or aquarius your inner child requires constant stimulation and entertainment. you love to be surprised and approach life in an inquisitive and restless way.

  • moon inĀ gemini people adore conversation and networking. you approach life with childlike curiosity but prefer to endlessly flirt rather than commit to new possibilities. your greatest fear is boredom.
  • moon inĀ libra people love to share and do almost anything to keep the peace. you feel your way through life in a harmony-loving way. you are searching for your soul mate. your greatest fear is not being able to find a compromise.
  • moon inĀ ļ»æaquariusļ»æ people try to apply reason to every situation. you are altruistic, always thinking of what will help others or serve the greater good. your greatest fear is that your life did not make a difference.
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