your rising sign and what it means.

your rising sign and what it means.

while your sun sign reflects your unconscious true self, or who you really are, the first impression that you give out -- the person people see when they meet you -- is defined by your rising sign. this is the ascendant, the sign that was rising on the eastern horizon on the day you were born and is your conscious or 'outer' self and the persona you present to the world. it's how you first come across to others or how you want them to see you.


if aries, leo, or sagittarius is on the ascendant, your outer manner is likely to make you appear energetic, upbeat, and positive. there is typically a warmth and charisma about you. people gravitate toward you and often find it easy to confide in you because of your friendly and engaging persona.

  • ARIES rising presents a bold and brave presence. you are passionate and inspiring and like to live your life in the fast lane. you are original and not afraid to be brutally honest.
  • LEO rising shows confidence and dignity. you are someone who stands out from the crowd and there may be a rockstar vibe about you. you love to be noticed and expect to be adored.
  • SAGITTARIUS rising offers an optimistic and enthusiastic presence. there is an infectious, light-hearted, free-spirited energy about you. you are dynamic and enterprising, and someone people naturally turn to for advice.


if cancer, scorpio, or pisces is on the ascendant, your outer manner is likely to make you appear sensitive and elusive, sometimes to the point of aloofness. your approach is typically intelligent but also intense. with you, still waters very much run deep.

  • CANCER rising presents a nurturing and wise presence. you sometimes come across as shy and defensive, but this is because you are feeling your way into things. you can also appear seductive and mesmerizing.
  • SCORPIO rising shows a smoldering intensity. you are a mystery whom others often find hard to read, but your mystery is also the source of your charisma and why people feel so drawn to you.
  • PISCES rising offers a soft, vulnerable, and gentle persona, but one that is also insightful, mystical, and wise. compassionate and with a spiritually healing presence that calms others, you frequently have a bewitching quality about you.


if taurus, virgo, or capricorn is on the ascendant, your outer manner is likely to make you appear organized, neat, and grounded. there is typically a serious and earnest air about you. people sense that you are a dependable person and feel reassured by your reliability and inner calm.

  • TAURUS rising presents a sensual but focused presence. you show others how to work hard and live the good life at the same time. you are down to earth and loyal.
  • VIRGO rising shows intelligence and capability. you are meticulous and have an efficient and refined or tidy persona. you are someone who works very hard to improve not just your own life but the lives of others.
  • ï»żCAPRICORN rising offers a diplomatic, reserved but pleasant presence. you are responsible, follow the rules, and have a very realistic approach to life. you are solid as a rock and can be depended on.


if gemini, libra, or aquarius is on the ascendant, your outer manner is likely to make you appear highly sociable. although communicative and easy to approach, you are also an independent spirit. sometimes aloof, you are never short of ideas or the right words to express them eloquently.

  • GEMINI rising presents a talkative and busy persona. you love to communicate with everyone about everything. you are fast moving with your words and, when you are around, life is never dull.
  • LIBRA rising shows a tranquil and beautiful image to the world. you are calm, considerate, and can see all sides of an argument. you have a remarkable ability to make everyone feel special and valued.
  • AQUARIUS rising offers a visionary and free-spirited presence. you appear intelligent and informed and there is often a slightly eccentric or off-the-wall air about you. you inspire hope for a better world.
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