taurus: the second sign of the zodiac.

taurus: the second sign of the zodiac.

taurus (♉︎): april 20-may 20.

born under the bull, taurus knows what they want and are good at getting it. grounded and strong-willed, they are invaluable in a crisis. their driving force is determination and they are a combination of strength and softness, stability and creativity.

taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is all about reward. unlike aries's love of the game, taurus loves the rewards of the game. ruled by venus, the planet of money, beauty, and love, taurus enjoys physical pleasures and material goods, so it's no surprise that they are often attracted to luxury and the finer things in life.

their mantra: i have.

their affirmation: i can let go of what is holding me back.

taurus is represented by the bull, symbolizing love, war and strength. it is inspired by the greek myth of zeus, who transformed into a bull and carried off the princess europa.

associated with the root chakra, taurus is an earth sign; connected to the physical world and its resources, and a fixed sign, stable and enduring. they are known to be loyal, reliable, and practical -- but also incredibly stubborn. they prefer routine and often dislike change. they can be great friends with a strong sense of dedication.

friday is taurus's day -- a taurus may find themselves doing self-care, doing some shopping, or indulging in anything that they deem to be a treat on a friday afternoon or evening. friday is also a great day for taurus to restructure their routine, otherwise they may get caught in a rut.

taurus's tarot card is the hierophant: a representation of traditional values, institutions, and beliefs, as well as spiritual wisdom and guidance. it can signify a mentor, teacher, or spiritual advisor who can reveal the links between humans and the divine. it can indicate a conformity to a social group or system.

a taurus might find themselves attracted to the colors green and pink; green for the abundance in life and pink for the self-care they indulge in.

green, pink, and even brown crystals are particularly useful to taurus to help them stay balanced and grounded, express their emotions, and perhaps even embrace change.

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Very informative I am so enjoying learning all of this. You are doing an amazing job.

Brenda Gentry

This resonates! I have a few in my life. That green leaf keychain I just got is for one very special person.


Really interesting to read this one because I knew almost nothing about this sign..I can’t think of anyone in my general friends/family circle who is a Taurus so I never really read up on them much.


So happy to be learning about the different zodiac signs, this can be very helpful for me when giving gifts! Thank you!


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