finding harmony exercise for the zodiac signs

finding harmony exercise for the zodiac signs

life is about finding balance and harmony between opposites -- work and rest, taking risks and following rules, endings and beginnings -- and it's the same with the zodiac. there is much that we can learn from the sun sign that appears to manifest an opposite energy of our own. this astrology fix can help you find a new perspective and bring greater harmony and balance into your life by turning the spotlight on areas that you may need to develop greater strength in.

your rising sign presents the face you show to the world, and your sun sign is your true self. imagine your rising sign and sun sign meeting each other. what would they say to each other?


simply a pen and some paper.


write down your sun sign on a piece of paper, then note down the sun sign which is your opposite or complement:
  • aries is opposite to libra
  • taurus is opposite to scorpio
  • gemini is opposite to sagittarius
  • cancer is opposite to capricorn
  • leo is opposite to aquarius
  • virgo is opposite to pisces
draw the symbol for your sun sign, then add the symbol for your opposite beside or below it so that the two symbols stand together in perfect harmony. write down the shining qualities of your opposite sign and reflect on ways to develop these qualities within yourself!
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Really helpful! Will be doing this later! Thank you!!


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