sun sign self-care

sun sign self-care

astrology can offer great insight into your health. self-care -- taking time to de-stress and place your own needs first -- is vital for mind, body, and spirit. listed below are activities designed to enhance holistic health for the signs of the zodiac, and optimum ways to harness the energies of each sign. remember that your rising sign and other planets may also play a part in your approach to your well-being.

ARIES: high-energy forms of exercise, preferably outdoors, such as jogging, running, and cycling suit this sign. kickboxing is a great way for aries to release pent-up tension.

TAURUS: yoga, brisk walking, and gardening. massages and bubble baths are great stress-busters.

GEMINI: this sun sign loves team sports and cross-training, where gemini can vary their fitness routine. the ideal way for them to ease stress is by talking to friends, practicing meditation, or writing in a journal.

CANCER: indoor forms of excercise and dance. the most effective way to relax is to cook or spend time reading with friends.

LEO: adventure sports and aerobic exercise attracts the lions of the zodiac. beach holidays and afternoon naps are great ways for them to unwind.

VIRGO: joining a gym or working with a personal trainer suit their organized approach to life. decluttering is their favorite way to relax.

LIBRA: yoga and tai chi are perfect ways for them to exercise. retiring early with a good book or surrounding themselves with beautiful artworks and objects can help to recharge their batteries.

SCORPIO: swimming, diving, fencing, and sailing suit this sign. for scorpio, relaxation is walking along a beach or beside a lake.

SAGITTARIUS: high-energy forms of exercise and all forms of travel are ideal. they love to learn and find studying a great stress-buster.

CAPRICORN: outdoor activities, walks, and hikes in nature. the best way for them to de-stress is simply to have fun doing the things they enjoy.

AQUARIUS: all forms of solitary exercise, such as jogging. visiting museums and art galleries and doing volunteer work boost their mood and well-being.

PISCES: any form of fitness is beneficial, as they have a tendency to place a low priority on physical exercise. meditation comes naturally but they can also find massages particularly beneficial.

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