august's full sturgeon supermoon in aquarius.

august's full sturgeon supermoon in aquarius.

yes, it's a mouthful, and for good reason -- august first has tons of energy to bring.

not only is the first of august this year (2023) a supermoon, it's the first of the month which is the most important day of the month to do your abundance work, and it's also lammas -- the beginning of the harvest festivals. in this blog post, i'm going to be talking to you about the moon.

we have two full moons this month, both being supermoons. august first is the full sturgeon supermoon, named for the giant sturgeon of the great lakes which are readily caught this time of year. august thirtieth is the blue supermoon, being the second full moon in the month of august.

our intuition, subconscious minds, and emotions are deeply connected to the moon and its energetic pull. further, the moon is quick, moving through each sign in two-to-three days – and it takes on the energy and essence of the sign it happens to be in at any given moment.

today, we’re going to learn all about what it means when the moon is in the revolutionary air sign -- aquarius.

aquarius possesses fierce independence that nearly contradicts its natural humanitarian energy. this is a complex sign that brings a futuristic, intellectual spirit to your emotional side as the moon waltzes through this constellation.

no matter your sun sign or moon sign, you’ll feel the energy of the moon in aquarius because lunar energy affects all of us. your emotional and intuitive centers simply feel the energy around them, and whether you realize it or not, the moon’s current position will affect your decisions and mood on any given day.

your own birth chart can intensify this energy. if you have prominent aquarius placements – especially an aquarius moon placement – you’re likely to feel this energy even more deeply.

as an air sign, aquarius brings thoughtful mental activity that helps balance your emotions. In other words, it’s easier to be objective about your feelings, allowing you to see things from another perspective.

uranus, aquarius's ruling planet, is spontaneous and transformational – a planet dedicated to originality, humanitarianism, and change. when the moon is in aquarius, your inner rebel wants to emerge and create revolutionary change all around you.

full moons represent endings, the period when the Moon has completed its cycle and is at its fullest. a full moon in aquarius takes place when the sun is in fiery leo, meaning that creativity is amplified and flashes of insight are likely.

take this time to contemplate your relationship to teamwork and to individual work. if you find that there are certain situations or teammates that are making it harder for you to find focus, it’s time to release those elements from your creative process.

hidden information and concealed emotions are revealed during the full moon, and it’s crucial that you acknowledge them. if you get the sense that something needs to be released from your life, it’s time to let go.

while many lunar phases may indicate a short period of emotional overwhelm, the moon in aquarius brings a time of intellectual observation that allows you to safely detach from your emotions for a moment.

aquarius energy is bright, intellectual, futuristic, and revolutionary. take advantage of this energy while it’s here!

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My Aquarius Moon ass took notes reading this. Thank you for the education as always! Looking forward to seeing how August goes and what energies I can take advantage of.

Kelly Streit

This is some of the best information I’ve read about the moons thus far today! Thanks for all the helpful insights! 🖤

Shelby L

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