september's new harvest moon in virgo.

september's new harvest moon in virgo.

the new moon is in virgo on september 14th at 8.40PM CST.

a time of new beginnings, this new moon presents an excellent opportunity for us to formulate some goals regarding “all things virgo.” we’d do well to concentrate on new ways to get our day-to-day life organized. we might think about the keywords for this particular and earthy sign — such things as analytical, intelligent, reserved, critical, helpful, conscientious — and consider ways to enhance, develop, or incorporate these traits into our personalities.

the new moon in virgo is an excellent time to commit to personal goals that express the positive energies of this sign. these include:

  • rolling up our sleeves and getting down to some serious work;
  • beginning a new project that requires attention to details;
  • making lists, actively ticking off completed activities, and taking pride in our “little” accomplishments;
  • starting a health regime, researching nutrition and nourishment;
  • setting up specific routines that will help us manage our lives in constructive and mindful ways;
  • and handling the finer details of our day-to-day life in an organized, step-by-step fashion so that we can free our minds of clutter.

we’re ready to make something special of our work, routines, or tasks. it’s a powerful time to transform our jobs, health, self-care programs, and habits. we’re filled with innovative, inventive, and unusual ideas. however, it’s an impulsive time and perhaps an unclear period (virgo’s ruler, mercury, is retrograde, and the new moon is opposite neptune), and it’s important not to jump into something too quickly.


green aventurine: this stone encourages practicality, something that virgo’s ruling planet, mercury, demands during this time. organization, schedules, and routines are important during the virgo moon, but not if they overcomplicate things. green aventurine helps you be mindful about what’s helping you be more successful and what’s just getting in the way.

moss agate: this earthy stone is a favorite for physical healing. work with moss agate to put the virgo moon energy to good use by creating a new workout routine, meditation practice, or weekly meal plan. if you feel like you don’t have time or energy to care for your physical body, moss agate helps you make it a priority. with the energy of the virgo moon supporting you, it feels easy to start new, healthy habits.

red jasper: holds an especially grounding energy—one that taps into the middle earth sign’s inherent nature. wearing it stimulates the three lower chakras, helping us root down to our most sacred personal power. this crystal healer pulls us into the present moment so that we may give our intentions and actions our full attention, staying true to virgo’s detail-oriented nature and steering us clear of the anxiety that overthinking can create.

amazonite: placed in our personal and professional spaces can help create a sense of balance and perspective, encouraging us to replace the worry of, “what if it all goes wrong?” with the invitation of, “what if it all goes right?” amazonite supports releasing fears and hang-ups that may be holding us back from executing on our intentions. virgos, known for being meticulous planners and thoughtful partners, tend to hold themselves to very high standards and harbor high levels of anxiety.

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