what is a full moon in libra? and why is it pink?

what is a full moon in libra? and why is it pink?

let's talk about it.

the april pink full moon (named after wild ground phlox, pink flowers that bloom in early spring) represents rebirth, renewal, and growth as it appears during spring -- the season when new life is all around. this is a time to focus on new beginnings, to set intentions for the future, and to let go of old habits or patterns that no longer serve you.

focus on self-care, spiritual growth, and working through challenges and emotions. this full pink moon in libra encourages balance and harmony within relationships of all kinds with the gentle, loving energy from venus.
the full moon in libra may illuminate some previously hidden truths about a pain long carried. the pain may be physical, spiritual, or psychic and it's going to take center stage. in the zodiac, libra is symbolized by the scales and is a sign of harmony. this pink moon will bring a sense of healing that goes beyond the self. be in conversation with the closest people in your circle and let stagnant energy flow free.

the full moon is very well-known as a time of release. this is a time of closure, ending of cycles and habits, and relationships that no longer serve you or your highest self. this is also a time of completion, fulfillment, and fruition of the intentions set at the new moon. with heightened and sometimes intense emotions, your creative expression will be at its peak.

libra, latin for balance, is an air sign represented by the scales which reflect libra's fixation on balance and harmony. libra is intelligent, kind, and always willing to put others before themselves. they are obsessed with symmetry and strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life. ruled by venus and associated with the sacral and heart chakras, emotional libra is gentle and harmonious.

april is the month of beginnings and growth of all kinds -- emotionally, spiritually, physically. it is the time for awakenings, beauty, clam and gentle healing, new life, rebirth, and a celebration of youth in all aspects -- whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. now is the time to start a new project, cleanse your space, and get closer to your loved ones.

- practice self-care. during this full pink moon, take some time tonight to take a cleansing bath or shower, do some more in-depth skincare than you might normally do, watch that extra episode of your favorite show, or have your favorite drink or snack. or .. do it all! honor yourself this full moon.
- journal your feelings. separate the negative from the positive and tear up the negative feelings you have written. dispose of them however you see fit to rid yourself of that negativity.
- charge your crystals. place them outside or near a window for a few hours or overnight.
- make moon water. feel free to write down any intentions you have for the coming moon cycle and set your water vessel on it. let the moon charge your water for a few hours or overnight.

no problem. the focus this full pink moon is self-love and spiritual growth -- pink, blue, and purple crystals will be most beneficial to you. as with any full moon, selenite, satin spar, and clear quartz will help cleanse you of your stagnant or negative energy, and amplify and assist you in your healing and spiritual growth journey.

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Thank you for this! I can’t wait for the next post! You did an amazing job. Super helpful for people like me who still feel so lost on this journey and need a little more help. I appreciate all the time and love you put into everything you. I never goes unnoticed. 😘


This was such an easy read especially for someone who isn’t as “in tune” with astrology. Beautiful and WELL WRITTEN. I can’t wait to see what other blog posts come out!!!

Brandee Rivera

Interesting ✅
Informative ✅
Fun and easy to read ✅
User friendly ✅
I loveeeee this blog! I’m definitely not the most knowledgeable on moon meanings and ways to embrace each full moon. So I love that fact that you guys broke it down in such a fun and non-overwhelming way! Love this and can’t wait for the next one!!!!


I love that the recommendations are not an all or nothing…it’s a list of options that the individual can determine which best suits their needs/wants/availability. Also, loved seeing the section about projects and cleaning…I’ve been doing so much of that the last week or so and have a list of things that I still want to get to, but instead of feeling overwhelmed by the list, I feel excited about it and the results to come.


yess release is the theme!! I’m going to do what you recommend and use selenite and clear quartz tonight to help release some of my anger and restless thoughts. I think this blog is great because I can keep track of important moon cycles. Thank you, seriously! 🥰


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