the solar plexus chakra.

the solar plexus chakra.

think of chakras as the major centers of energy within your body. the belief around chakras is that all seven chakras should be open to promote harmony and balance in your system. the concept of a blocked chakra is that if one of your primary energy centers in your body is blocked, then the whole system is off-balance and the chakra needs to be cleared.

the solar plexus chakra, the third chakra.

COLOR: yellow.
CRYSTALS: pyrite, yellow jasper, citrine.

the solar plexus chakra is located in your upper abdomen, where your gut instinct comes into play. this is also where your ego and sense of self reside. when this chakra is open, you feel confident in your life and have positive self-esteem. this chakra may be blocked if you're experiencing digestive issues or feelings of judgement.

to unblock your solar plexus chakra, scream! seriously. scream at least three times in a row. if you need to scream more, do so. this helps release the blocked energy.

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