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Arnica Flower

Arnica Flower

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The arnica flower is a symbol of power and resilience; it is also known as mountain tobacco. Arnica can be used in two ways: as an offering to deities, guides, or fae, or as a sachet to draw strength from within.

If you want to boost your psychic abilities, try including arnica flower in a spell. To keep unwanted guests out of your home, try using some arnica flower. To keep unwanted energy and people out of your home or business, boil the blossom in water and rub the resulting solution on all of the door frames.

Also known as Wolfsbane it is a herb that can help protect you from those who drain your emotional energy, often known as energy vampires. The ideal solution for sensitive types. In order to ensure a bountiful harvest, arnica flowers are often utilized as an offering at pagan harvest celebrations.


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