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SOLD IN .50/1oz. Motherwort connects to the element water, which makes it great for moon work because the Moon holds sway over the rhythms of bodies of water on this planet. Also helps regulate menstrual cycles, which are often closely tied to the cycles of the Moon.

Motherwort can also be used to increase confidence, vitality, optimism, and forgiveness. In some traditions, motherwort is used to specifically bless and protect one's family, especially when kept with family photos. Its protective nature and affinity for mothers make this an effective herb for the protection of pregnant women and mothers. Sometimes used in counter-magic, motherwort can be used to deflect and protect oneself from any undesired magical working or effect. 

Exercise caution when using this herb while pregnant, experiencing thyroid issues, blood-clotting issues, or on any medications acting upon the thyroid. Do not use in combination with any other herbs that act on the heart, or herbs that cause drowsiness. 

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