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prism oracle poem readings with row

prism oracle poem readings with row

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welcome and howdy friends!

please read the full description before purchasing!

prism oracle poem readings are just that: a poem oracle reading! when i pull your card(s), i will take time to channel a poem reading for you based on said card(s). after i have finished your reading, i will create a poem graphic for you and send it to you in an email, so please provide an email that your reading can be delivered to! please allow me up to 48 hours to do these readings.

if you have a particular area of your life you’d like me to focus on, please include that in the note on your purchase!

the amount of cards pulled in each reading depends purely on the individual and their energy -- i may pull one card for one person and three the next. just like no one's energy is the same, no reading will be the same!

the prism oracle deck is based on colors and emotions related to or associated with those colors.


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